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Jim Lunsford
Jim Lunsford has more than thirty years experience in leading various organizations and teaching others the art of leadership. In addition to serving as an Army officer for twenty years, Jim has worked as a program manager in the corporate environment, and as a successful entrepreneur.

Jim was one of the early pioneers in developing computer games, and the processes to use these games, to support leader education and training. Although he developed many of these games for the U.S. and Allied military, Jim has also designed and developed games for non-military use to facilitate the deliberate practice of decision-making, critical thinking, team building, and communication skills.

After receiving the prestigious Marshall Award and graduating from the Virginia Military Institute with a degree in Civil Engineering, Jim served, with distinction, as an infantry officer for twenty years. During his military career, Jim served both as a commander and a staff officer in numerous airborne units, including several tours of duty with the 82d Airborne Division and two years assigned to the British Army Parachute Regiment.

During his final assignment in the Army, Jim taught at the Command and General Staff College. As a result of his innovative use of games to teach decision-making, the Chief of Staff of the Army selected Jim’s work for two consecutive, year-long, Army leadership studies. As a result of his expertise in the design and development of effective training games, the U.S. Army purchased eleven different leadership games from Jim. Currently, these games are used to train military leaders from initial entry as a cadet at West Point to their attendance at the staff college fifteen years later.

Since 2000, Jim has owned a company that specializes in the design, development and use of games for leader education and training. Fourteen years later, he continues to expand their adoption into other areas of education. One of his most popular games is a simulation of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Jim, along with Joe Edwards, uses the game as part of a very engaging and challenging seminar for leaders and their teams.

Over the years, Jim has conducted substantial research, funded by government agencies such as the Department of the Air Force, the Department of the Army, and Defense Applied Research Projects Agency (DARPA), into the best use of games for leader development. As a result of his research, some of Jim’s findings have been published in professional journals and presented at conferences.

Always an advocate for strong, effective leadership, Jim continues to seek out opportunities for creating enhanced methods for training highly skilled and adaptive leaders.