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The Excellence For Learning™ profile assessment is designed with the student in mind. It introduces the student to how he/she likes to communicate, the types of activities he/she likes and offers recommendations for improving study habits. The success or failure of students is often related to:
   • How they interact with others
   • How they are perceived by others
   • How they are accepted by others
   • Their compatibility level with their teacher(s)
   • Their awareness of their strengths, limitations and motivations

The report is an excellent way for students to better understand themselves and others. It can serve as a tool for increasing the student's self assurance so that he/she will be able to handle the demands of the classroom as well as interactions with friends and family. Objectives of the Excellence for Learning Profile are:
   • To increase the individual's awareness of his/her natural behavioral characteristics.
   • To build understanding of self.
   • To help the individual understand and appreciate the different styles of behavior.
   • To offer recommendations for improving study habits.
   • To target activities in which the student could be successful.

The Excellence For Learning™ reports are the key to increasing the overall effectiveness of your professional and personal growth. Using the EFL – Student Version report will enhance self-awareness and encourage positive communication. The result is success for you and others.

Download PDF of a sample report