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What is it that motivates you to take action? Your unique set of personal interests, attitudes and values largely affect how you behave and how others perceive you. Identifying them is important to understanding what makes you effective, satisfied and personally successful. According to Eduard Spranger, there are six types of attitudes that determine how we see the world and how others see us:
   1. Theoretical
   2. Utilitarian
   3. Aesthetic
   4. Social
   5. Individualistic
   6. Traditional

Once you are aware of the dominant attitudes contributing passion and purpose to your life, you will be able to clarify what drives your actions, as well as what causes conflict. In addition, applying an understanding of attitudes to your relationships with others will deepen your appreciation of them and clarify the "why" of your interactions.

The knowledge you gain from the Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values report will help you take control of your decisions, your life's direction and your appreciation of others. You will:
   • Know the WHY of your automatic reactions.
   • Make career choices that are more in line with your underlying passions.
   • Understand the causes of conflict in your life.
   • Develop an increased appreciation for each of the six attitudes.
   • Gain the flexibility of being able to see life from different viewpoints.
   • Increase your satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

The Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values report is a valuable tool for maximizing your personal and professional life.

Download PDF of a sample report