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The TTI Success Insights Sales report is geared towards the sales professional, providing computer-generated reports that give the sales professional a broad understanding of his/her natural sales style. The software analyzes and details the type of product they prefer to sell, how they handle sales presentations, as well as how they close and service their accounts.

Report Contents include:
   • Sales Characteristics
   • Value to the Organization
   • Checklist for Communicating
   • Don'ts on Communicating
   • Selling Tips
   • Ideal Environment
   • Perceptions (Self and Others)
   • Descriptors (Behavioral Style)
   • Natural and Adapted Selling Styles (Problems, People, Pace, Procedures)
   • Adapted Style (Current Behavior in Relation to Work)
   • Keys to Motivating
   • Keys to Managing
   • Areas for Improvement
   • Action Plan
   • Behavioral Hierarchy
   • Style Insights™ Graphs
   • The Success Insights® Wheel

An investment in the TTI Success Insights Sales report for your sales force can yield immediate results and valuable benefits in several areas:
   • Show how to spot winners and establish a reliable method of choosing salespeople.
   • Evaluate the performance of both new and existing salespeople.
   • Show managers how to get the most out of the sales team.
   • Coach the sales team for maximum results.
   • Pick the salesperson who best fits the present needs of the company.
   • Bring a salesperson out of a sales slump and back on a winning track.
   • Reduce employee turnover and new training costs.
   • Boost your sales - the ultimate objective of any business.

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